Local Cabinet Maker Adds Beauty and Value

Looking to add more space, beauty and value to your home?

Need to do more with less at the office?

Green Living Designs can help create and complete a successful home renovation or home office re-design. One area where you can improve your personal space, while adding value is with cabinets.

The Green Living Designs Advantage

  • Our cabinets are made locally, resulting in faster turn-around times, lower costs and employment for Chicago-area craftsmen.
  • Our cabinets are eco-friendly. No harsh chemicals! Our cabinets are made using formaldehyde free plywood and water-based stains and varnishes, so they lessen your eco-footprint and are also truly customized with every last inch put to use.
  • Expert Project Design. Our process begins with free recommendations and site review. The Green Living Designs team can make suggestions on how to safely and sustainably renovate your home or office to be more functional, creating spaces for you to enjoy every day.
  • Craftsmen with a focused attention to detail. Our team takes an old school approach but uses the latest materials and technology, resulting in beautiful, safe and well-built storage cabinets for home or business.

Kitchen, Bathroom and Even Closet Cabinets!

Click on the thumbnail images you see for examples of our cabinetry in homes throughout the Chicago area. Whether you love the look of natural materials in a kitchen cabinet or the high-gloss of a well-appointed bathroom, our custom cabinets look great and are easily maintained.

We’ve designed a number of unique space-saving cabinets, such as the closet cabinet seen in our onsite gallery.

Project Design – Caring and Expert Cabinet Installation

It starts with project design and ends with expert installation and cleanup. Allow us to maximize your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or home office storage while easing your daily life. Working on design drawings and details, we make sure to specify sustainable, environmentally conscious materials, within budget on on-time.

Our team will put together a floor plan that is both highly functional and environmentally friendly, then build and install your new cabinets with a minimum of distraction or dirt.

Custom Cabinets Made in Chicago

Green Living Designs’ earth-friendly cabinets are locally made, resulting in faster turn-around times AND saving you money! Our manufacturing process helps keep harmful fossil fuels out of our atmosphere. Your new custom cabinets give you peace of mind knowing that your project was hand crafted using materials that are free from dangerous chemicals, protecting you and your family!

We have the perfect product to fit your budget and compliment your personal style. We look forward to hearing what you want
To learn more about our services, call us at 847.681.0126

Or stop by our showroom in downtown Highland Park to get a first-hand view of the design and craftsmanship of our cabinets and hardware, and get your questions answered by our cabinet designers and expert installers.

1930 First Street, Highland Park, IL 60035

Green Living Designs is the perfect cabinet company for my firm to partner with. They work closely with me to develop my client’s projects within the correct scope and to maintain budget. It’s so refreshing to work with a company that doesn’t just say they are green, these guys are the real deal.

-Mark, AIA, Skokie

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